Paintings Discovered in Manitoba


Paintings Discovered in Manitoba 2007

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Alfred Boisseau Painting

Artist: Alfred Boisseau

French - American - 1823-1901


Dated 1890, this large oil on canvas

'Notre Dame St. Montreal'

Alfred Boisseau studied art in Paris and exhibited at the Salon. In the mid 1840's he traveled to New Orleans and established a reputation as a portrait and genre painter. He was itinerant and also painted in Cleveland, New York and Montreal. he is well known for his His works, particularly of indians.

Boisseau became a well known and respected photographer in Canada and the USA and had studios 1864-1865 at 250 Notre Dame, 1865-1867, 372 Notre Dame, Montreal, and between 1868-1869 at 84 Great St. James

Alfred Boisseau - Notre Dame St. Montreal

Two fine works by Alfred Boisseau emerged in Manitoba,

the second, an interior scene /below.


Alfred Boisseau Interior

Front of house advertising curtain

At over 30 feet long, this was easily the largest painting we have seen.

It is a 19C - Theatre front of house advertising curtain from a local theatre painted

by Joy and Cannon - Scenic Co. from St Paul, Minnesota



Alfred Boisseau Interior




Thomas F. Goodall


 BRANDON MANITOBA: For one young man, the opportunity of coming to the Brandon Manitoba Roadshow with his grandfathers paintings was an opportunity not to be missed. It was also an opportunity for Roadshow art appraiser David Freeman to see two excellent paintings by British artist Thomas F Goodall.



Thomas F. Goodall


Thomas F. Goodall (British) 1857 - 1944 was a landscape, coastal and rustic genre painter.

This is an Early work executed at the age of 18

Thomas Goodall studied under John Sparkes at the Lambeth School of Art and lived in Dulwich, London.

He was elected a member of the New English Art Club in 1886.

Thomas Goodall not only exhibited with the NEAC but between 1879 and 1901 at the Royal Academy, as well as at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Grosvenor Gallery, Dudley Art Gallery, New Gallery and Royal Society of British Artists in London, the latter which elected JW its President in 1886.

Thomas Goodall also exhibited at the Royal Society of Artists in Birmingham, Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and Manchester City Art Gallery.

 In 1891 Goodall was elected a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.



Thomas F. Goodall Portrait

< Portrait of the owners grandmother

By Thomas F. Goodall

We saw several works and a sketch book by the

artist, all brought in by his grandson.




Canadian Artist : Fordwich, Ontario 1876 - New York, 1941

Oil on canvas. Dorchester meadows.


Frank Armington, Dorchester meadows.

Frank Armington, Dorchester meadows


Frank Armington studied art in Toronto, under J. W. L. Forster and in Paris, first at the Academie Julian, under Benjamin Constant and at Chaumiere, under Lucien Simon.

Frank Armington first went to Paris in 1899, but returned to Canada with his wife, Caroline (1875-1939) to teach art in Havergal College Winnipeg from 1901 through 1905.

During this period, Robert Fulton Logan was among his students. Returning to Paris in 1906, The Armington's established themselves as fine landscape and figure artists in both etching and painting

A.Y.Jackson, a good friend, would stay with the Armingtons whenever he was in Paris.

In 1909 Frank Armington was elected a member of the Societe des Amis de l'Eau-Forte and the Royal Society of Painter - Etchers and Engravers in 1910. He was commissioned by the C.P.R. to do a suite of pictures across Canada and is represented in the National Gallery of Canada.

The Armingtons were both full members of the Societe Nationale de la Gravure Originale en Noir, the Societe des Gravures Francais and the American Federation of Arts. Their original etchings and paintings were frequently included in major French and American exhibitions.

Some recent scholars have labeled Frank Armington's art as Canadian Impressionism. Others have seen his landscape art as akin to the work of Whistler. As usual, however, there comparisons tell us very little.

Frank Armington was an artist who was  a master of many styles and all of them were very individual.





William Frederick Hulk

William Frederick Hulk

< William Frederick Hulk (British, Exh. 1898-1901)


Victorian painters frequently chose to depict cattle as the focal point of their rural landscapes.

One of the most prominent exponents of this genre was William Hulk.

He seems to have devoted most of his working life to the study of cattle in the English landscape

He lived for much of his life in Shere, a village near Guildford in Surrey,

Taking inspiration from the landscape around him and the many farms that were an integral part of rural Surrey at this period. Hulk exhibited his first work at London in 1875. He went on to exhibit at a number of the British capital's leading galleries, including The Royal Academy.




Norman Rockwell.

American (1894-1978)


 The pictures of NORMAN ROCKWELL were recognized and loved by almost everybody in America. The cover of The Saturday Evening Post was his showcase for over 40 years, giving him an audience larger than that of any other artist in history. Over the years he depicted a unique collection of Americana, a series of vignettes of remarkable warmth and humor &In addition, he painted a great number of pictures for story illustrations, advertising campaigns, posters, calendars, and books.

This drawing is of Mr William Ganske of Sewell who, along with Dan Kerseider met Rockwell at the Jean Baptiste hotel in 1930.

It was discovered inside an old text book recently!

Norman Rockwell sketch
Norman Rockwell sketch









Alfred Boisseau

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Frank Armington

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